Wednesday, October 10, 2012

List of All Google Official Blogs' Web Addresses ( URLs, Globally)

Are you looking for a complete list of all the Official Blogs from Google? If you are, there's one.

I know there are some good reasons why people looking for Official Blogs from Google. As a Blogger, you will use many Google products for sure- You blog on, submit website to Google Webmaster Tools, use Google Analytics to track the site traffic, burn feed to FeedBurner, watch video on Youtube, and etc. So you'd like to keep an eye on it to see what's happening to them. We all need to know, as a blogger.

Here's the full list:
It's a long list, and good reference to keep on hand.

It's Your Turn

Is there anything missing? Share what you know about the Google official blogs in the comments box below.

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