Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to find out a Blogger Widget ID and locate its HTML codes in Template

When working with widget in, most times we need to find out the widget ID at first to locate its HTML codes in template, then we can make the widget display only on a specific post, page, or showing for mobile site only. If that's what you want, let's take a look at how to make it happen.

Note: Each widget on Blogger / comes with a unique Widget ID.

Step 1: Find out the Widget ID

From the dashboard, click on Layout, then find out the widget that you'd like to show for mobile user, click on the Edit link for that widget, as in following screenshot:

Blogger Layout: add a widget

You will see the Widget Editing window popup as in following screenshot.

From the top address bar of the popup screen, move cursor to the very right, you will see something like "widgetId=HTML8". Then HTML8 is the Widget ID we are looking for. Write it down.

Blogger Widget ID

Step 2: Locate the HTML Codes for that Widget in template

From dashboard, click on Template->Edit HTML. In the popup editing window as in following screenshot, from the top click on the down-arrow at right of "Jump to widget" tab, it will show you a widget ID list of all available widgets. Choose the Widget ID that your got from Step 1. In my case, I click on "HTML8", as in following screen.

Jump to a specific widget's HTML code in Blogger template

Step 3: The HTML codes for that widget

The cursor now jumps to the first line of the codes for that widget, as in following screen.

In my case, the first line codes is like this:

  <b:widget id='HTML8' locked='false' title='' type='HTML'>
Blogger Widget codes, first line at the very top

That's it ! You can now make any changes to the widget's HTML codes.

Don't forget to click on the orange "save template" button after the changes are made. Enjoy !

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