Sunday, November 25, 2012

Best Related Posts Widget / Plugin for (Blogspot)

Looking for a Related Posts solution for your Blogspot blog on Here I'd like to recommend one of the best Related Posts widget (my personal view) for Blogger- a free widget that is very easy to install without modifying the blog template, and yet powerful enough.

Related Posts feature is a must for bloggers,  if you want to keep your blog visitors onsite and around. It can greatly increase the pageview of your site and benefit the visitors as well.

This best Related Posts widget was created by Mike at More Tech Tips. Currently he gets 2 versions, the first version, V1.0, will display a list of 5 related post titles (by default)  for every posts you published, right under the post itself. It's clean and nice. I'm using this version on my site.You can take a look the end of this post, that's how it looks like. 

The newer version V2.0, can display thumbnails from the posts instead of title list.

Both version are looks for the related posts base on the labels you assigned to the posts. So remember to add labels when creating the post !

Here I'll show you how to install the V1.0 widget. If you'd like to use V2.0 thumbnails, visit Mike's post here to get the details.

The codes for Related Posts for V1.0:

You will need to copy following codes to your Text/JavaScript widget in Blogger.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

How and where to add the codes

To add the above codes is simple, just create a new Text/Javascripts widget, copy and past the above codes in, save. That's it.

Here's the detail steps if you prefer:

1. From your blogger dashboard, click on 'Layout'
2. At the right side widget area, click on "add a gadget"

3. You will see a new window pop up. In the new window, scroll down, until you see option  HTML/JavaScript. click on it.

4. Now the Configure HTML/JavaScript window opens, ask you to add the codes. You copy the codes listed in this post  (the green background  windows), and past them into the Content section in the Configure HTML/JavaScript window, and click on Save !

You done.

Now go back to your blog site, click on any post, do you see the related posts at the bottom?


When you create posts, remember to add Labels for the posts. That's how the related posts can be found.


  1. This scripts actually returns RECENT POSTS, not related posts!


    1. HI Francis,

      Did you try? I'm actually using this script. You can take a look at under my post- it's truly Related Posts !

    2. using it on my blog and it does fine. thanks

  2. thanks this the most simple script I got. I've tried many its doesn't appear after I installed intense debate. feel free to visit me later :)

  3. I would like to see some pictures besides the relates post links. Is that possible?

  4. good work done my friend.. Keep posting like this..

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  6. Thank you for this simple solution that actually works!! :)

  7. That's great widget for bloggers! Big thanks. :)

    And thanks for the nice tutorial :)

  8. It there a way to change the "Related Posts" wording? I need to write something else for my french blog.

    Great widget, great tutorial, Thx!

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