Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gmail Now Supports Communicating With Non-English-Character Email Addresses, the first in the world

Google announced yesterday that as the first major email account provider, Gmail started immediately recognizing email addresses that contain accented or non-Latin characters. "This means Gmail users can send emails to, and receive emails from, people who have these characters in their email addresses. "

In the past, if your email address includes accented characters (like “José Ramón”) or is written in another script like Chinese or Devanagari, your email will not be recognized by Gmail.From now on, email from or to account like following address will have no problem.

So, What languages need accent marks or non-Latin letters in the spelling? Basically, all of them except English, including Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian and Japanese, which covers more than 2.8 billion population in the world.

But, this does not mean you can create a Gmail account with this languages' Characters. However, Google promised that "In the future, we want to make it possible for you to use them to create Gmail accounts."

Here's Google's official announcement: A first step toward more global email 

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