Monday, November 19, 2012

How long time will take for the expired domain name to be available for public registration?

If you get a domain name expired by accident, or your competitor's domain name has expired and you are looking forward to purchasing it, you may wondering how long time will take for the expired domain name to be released to the public for public registration.

The answer is:  typically 80 days in total. 

Here's the details:

1. If a domain name is expired and there's no response from the domain name owner, the domain registrar will typically send out a delete command after 45 days, to remove the domain name out from the registry.

If the domain name was registered at,  this period will be 42 days. Here is a detail explanation on Godaddy website.

2. There's a 30-day Deleted Name Redemption Grace Period (RGP) required by ICANN.

3. The registry will hold the domain name for 5 days for deletion.

So, start from the expiry day, it will typically take 45+30+5= 80 days for the domain name to be available again to the public for registration.

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