Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Blogger Journey" Contact


 I have created a new Contact Page. If you'd like to drop a  message please click on the "Contact" tab at the top, or click on Blogger Journey's contact page address ( .



For any inquiries or questions about this blog website "Blogger Journey", or about blogging, please leave a comment under this post.

If your question is regarding any specific post on this site, please leave a comment under that post.

Thank you.


  1. How did you get the comment tool in the post's footer? I am using the Simple template and do not see the option when I edit the post's layout. Right now, the only way to comment is to view the blog post on its own page. For reference, the blogs

  2. How did you get your translation bar into your Pages header? Gadgets won't let me add anything to the tabbed Pages bar. Thanks.

    1. Hi Val,

      If you know HTML coding that will not be difficult. The idea is, First locate the tab section, add one more -div- unit and and align to the right side, add your google translate codes inside that -div-.

      Hope this helps.


  3. Hi, Could you please tell me how you created this page :""? Did you add links manually or is there a shortcut to create such a page - one which lists all labels in columns? Thanks.

    1. hi Jim,

      Please check following post:

  4. Thank you kindly for a thorough tutorial ~ I am very impressed:-)

    Please answer the following for me:
    > how many gadgets does blogger allow per page?
    > does the use of many gadgets turn away adsense community from wanting to post ads to my site?
    > how do I know if the gadgets offered in 'add a gadget dialog box' are free
    > how can I insert 4 gadgets/icons (Ex; rss, twitter, facebook, pin it, etc...)
    > can you refer me to a list of great videos for the novice blogger with insightful tips on making my blog look more like a website. Keep in mind; I know nothing about coding or scripts ~ nothing!

    1. Hi Milagros:

      I can't find the limit for the number of gadgets on blog, but if you are talking about adding gadgets for Adsense, then it's Adsense' policy that NO more than 3 content units per page.

      If you are able to add a gadget, that means it's free. Please note many gadgets published by individual other than Blogger / Google may have ads inside.