Friday, January 25, 2013

Top 10 Q&A Websites 2013- Get Answers for Your Questions

Here's a list of Top 10 Q&A Websites for people to get answers for their questions, and for blogger to answer the questions to get exposed to the public:
  1. Yahoo Answers
  2. Quora
  4. Stack Exchange
  5. Formspring
  6. AOL Answers
  7. Web Answers
  8. All Experts
  9. Fluther
  10. Fixya
- LinkedIn Answers will be shut down in a few days
- Google Answers was shut down in the end of 2006

Do you have experience with any of these Q&A Websites? Share your thoughts below.


  1. is pretty good too for higher quality answers

  2. The list is really good, the strongest and most powerful sites for questions and answers are definitely these. I recently found another one, it is called and I got decent answers to my questions. A friend of mine works there and he told me how much hard work it takes. Nevertheless, getting the right answers is always important. Thanks for the list.

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  4. I like a new site called, they do not charge, they do not leave your question out there waiting around for anybody to answer it ... and on top of that. your questions are private. They only deal with REAL life issues none of that other stuff, like what can I eat for dinner? Or should I go in the red car.. or take the blue one.. Silly stuff, they deal with real life like love, and familiy issues. All for free no fees attached. They have helped me pretty good with my issue with my close family member situation.. thanks..

  5. Other optinons:

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  6. is a fast growing question and answers site. users can ask without registration.

  7. great list I know of one also

  8. Those are all great Q&A websites which I've used many times. I just found a new one that seems to be coming up called where they allow their users to post anything free and other users can comment as answer. It seems to be allowing posts on many topics.