Saturday, December 1, 2012

Top 10 Best Pay Per Lead / Pay Per Action Affiliate Networks in 2012

The BLUE BOOK has published a list of top 20 best Cost Per Action(CPA) / Pay Per Action (PPA) affiliate networks in the world for 2012, here's the Top 10:

1.  NeverBlue
NeverBlue is in everyone’s Top 3 list. Canadian, popular and professional.

2.  MediaWhiz Not the biggest network but especially well-liked by advertisers and agencies.

3.  ClickBooth John Lemp’s behemoth had a strong 2011. Clickbooth is making money for a lot of people.

4.  PeerFly
Came from nowhere in our last survey and zoomed in popularity this year. Great staff and an excellent platform.

5.  Market Leverage
A high-quality network popular with expert, experienced affiliates.

6.  MaxBounty
After a butting heads with Facebook this year Maxbounty has ended 2011 stronger than ever.

7.  Adscend Media
Very strong in content monetization with good reach and a nice offer portfolio.

8.  Convert2Media
Co-founder Ruck left in 2011 but C2M has continued to grow.

9.  MediaTrust
Highly professional with an appeal to brand advertisers.

10.   Adknowledge
Strong in predictive/behavioral technology, good reputation. 

What Do You Think

What's your experience with Pay Per Lead /  Pay Per Action affiliate programs and networks? Which do you think is the best? Share your experience and insights in the comments box below.

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