Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to Add Widget / Gadget Above Blog Post in Blogspot (

In / Blogspot, how to add a widget above the Blog Post section? Widget above post will make us easy to post welcome greetings, lasted updates, emergency notices, etc,  it's a nice feature if we can get.

Yes, there's a way to make it happen.

By default , after a new blog created in, you can add more widgets at your right- or left- side widget section, but you do not have the option to add widget above the Blog Post section. The fact is, there is a widget there, but Google hide it ! So let's make it turned on. 

The default blog layout

From the blogger dashboard, click on Layout, your will see the blog layout similar as following:

Before widget added
Take a look above the Blog Posts, there's no widget or option for you to add anything.

After the widget enabled
After widget added
So after the widget enabled, you will get a "add a Gadget" bar above the Blog Posts section.

Enable the widget above the Blog Posts section

The solution is very simple- we can simply do it by change the code from 'no' to 'yes' from the the blog  template.

Here's how:

1. From the blog Dashboard, go to Template -> Edit HTML-> Proceed -> put a check mark in front of the the "Expand Widget Templates" option (details: same as the first 3 steps in this post)

2. On your keyboard press the "Ctrl" and "F" keys at same time to bring up the search box.

3. In the search box  you type in (or copy) the following one-line codes:
id='main' showaddelement='no'
then click on 'search'

4. You will see the search result similar to following screenshot:

Notice the green color highlighted codes in above screen, it says showaddelement='no' ?

Ok, now change the 'no' to 'yes', that's the only thing we need to do !

5. Click on 'Save temple' at the bottom, then click on 'close' to close the template window.

You done !

You can now go back to dashboard and click on Layout again, do you see the "add a gadget" shows up above the Blog Posts section?

It's Your Turn

What's your experience of using widget? How do you add widget if it's not available by default? Share your experience and insights in the comments box below.


  1. Thanks for this trick...i always wanted to learn how we can edit and make changes in blogger template.This code will help me in understanding the template in more clear way.widget for blogger

  2. Thanks so much for this, worked like a charm!

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    Thanks for your extraordinary help...