Friday, November 2, 2012

Anti-copy: How to Disable Right Click on Your Blogger (Blogspot) Blog

Is there a way to disable right click or even copy-past on your Blogger blog or website? This is a question everybody have when coming up to the copyright concern.

I know you hate stealing, hate people copy your articles and download your pictures/photos. Technically it's very hard to prevent others from copying the articles. As long as your content is displaying in front of someone, he will always have a way to copy. But what we can do, is to make it hard enough for him to do.

Disable Right Click is one way to make stealing harder. There are some other ways, I will talk about them later in others posts.

Scripts to disable right click

Here's the scripts I'd like to share with you. I tested, it worked great for me. I'm not using them on my site at this moment, because I provide some codes on this site for people to customize their Blogger, I don't want to give them hard time to copy and past. ):

The author for the following codes is Renigade, from

<script language=javascript>
var message="";
function clickIE() {if (document.all) {(message);return false;}}
function clickNS(e) {if
(document.layers||(document.getElementById&&!document.all)) {
if (e.which==2||e.which==3) {(message);return false;}}}
if (document.layers)
document.oncontextmenu=new Function("return false")

How to embed the codes in Blogger (Blogspot)

To embed to the code to your blog, you need to add a  HTML/JavaScript gadget, pasted the codes in and save.

Here's how:
  1. Login to your Blogger account, go to the dashboard
  2. Click on Layout (at left )
  3. In your Gadgets area click on "add a Gadget"
  4. In the pop-up window, scroll down little bit, choose HTML/JavaScript Add 
  5. It will come back to Layout again. You will see a new HTML/JavaScript gadget show up at the top the gadget area. Click 'Edit' on that new gadget to make it open.
  6. Copy the above scripts and past them in to the gadget, click on Save. 
  7. At the top of the Layout window, click on 'Save arrangement'
Done ! Right click disabled on your Blogger site.

Now go back to your blog, open any post, try right click. Anything happen ?

It's Your Turn

What's your experience of disable the right click? How do you protect your copyright? Share your experience and insights in the comments box below. 


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