Monday, November 26, 2012

How To Publish Posts to Categories and Access in Blogger (Blogspot)

You may wondering how to add Blogger posts to different categories, and how to make them visible for blog visitors to access. Here's a brief introduction.

Category = Label, in Blogger

Blogger uses a different term when regarding category, it's called "label". You can create / add labels to a post when doing the composing.

Following screenshot shows the post composing screen, at the right side, in Post Settings section, the first option is Labels. Click on that, you can add labels by using any keywords, separate them use comma (,)

Publish post to categories

When you add several labels to a post, the post will be published to those categories (labels). For example, if your post is talking about free video editing software, your may want to add several labels like "video editing", "software", "free software" to the post.

Three ways to Access  categories/ Labels

There are 3 ways for your blog visitors to access categories- from the bottom of each post, from the Label Widget, and from the top menu tabs.

1st way: Access  categories /Labels from the post

Once a post published, they will appear at the very bottom of the post,  like this:
video editing, software, free software
And the labels are clickable.  If a visitor click on video editing, then all the posts in "video editing" category will be showing up in front of the visitor.

2nd way: Access  categories  / Labels from Label widget

Blogger provides a Labels widget for you to add Labels to the side bar. Labels can be displayed in 2 ways: Label list and Label cloud.

You can add the Label widget by going to (from dashboard) Layout->add a gadget->click on "Labels"

The Labels Widget shows all the labels (by default) or you can pick which one to display. 

 Once you save the Labels widget, it will show up at the your side bar, with the Label names.

If you prefer the Label list other than Label cloud, then you can make labels displayed in 2 or 3 column. Check following posts for details:

Blogger: How to Display Labeles in 2/3/4 Columns or Multiple Columns in Labels Widget

3rd way: Advance use- use labels as menu

You can put label names onto the top menu bar (as tabs) for visitors to access. Please check my previous post to see how to use labels as menu tabs at the page top:

How to Add Tab Menu at the Top of the Page in Blogger (Blogspot)

It's Your Turn

What's your experience of using labels and categorizing the posts? Share your insights in the comments box below.

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