Thursday, November 22, 2012

What's the Blogspot Limits for Uploading Pictures / Photos / Images at

Have you got problem uploading pictures / photos / images at for Blogspot post? If yes, you may have reached the limits.

When you upload an image through Blogger, it gets stored on Picasa Web Albums, and is therefore subject to the quota limit on your account in Picasa.

Here's the limits:

- Total storage space: Picasa Web provides 1 GB space in total for photos and videos.
- Maximum photo / picture / image size: Each image can not be larger than 20MB (megabytes) and are restricted to 50 megapixels or less.
- Blogger Mobile:  Each image has a limit of 250K per picture if you are posting through Blogger Mobile
- Maximum number of web albums: 10,000
- Maximum number of photos and videos per web album: 1,000

Small size image / picture / photo (as in following list)  will not count against free storage, if you upload through Blogger, Google+ and Google Maps:

- Photos resolution lower than 2048 x 2048 pixels
- All photos uploaded in Google+ will be automatically resized to 2048 pixels (on their longest edge) and won't count towards your free storage quota.
- Videos shorter than 15 minutes

If you prefer to upload larger size  images for better quality (archival or print), you can buy more storage from Google at any time.