Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blogger: How to Remove the Message at Top of Label Page "Showing posts with label XXX. show all posts"

By default in many templates in Blogger (, after clicking on a label (category) name, you will see all the posts that have same label on them, and a grey box at the top of the page saying:

Showing posts with label <label name>. show all posts.

This is called "status message" for the label page.

Many people don't like this extra message. Then how can we remove it? Here's a simple fix.

Remove the Label Page Status Message "Showing posts with label <label name>"

To remove the status message on the label page, you just need to add a few lines of CSS codes from the Blogger Dashboard.

Here's the CSS codes:

.status-msg-wrap {

Note: the first line starts with a dot '.', please make sure to copy it !

To add the CSS codes

To add the above CSS codes, copy the codes first, then from your blog dashboard, click on Template-> Customize-> Advance-> Add CSS, paste the CSS codes into the blank window, click on "Apply to Blog" to save the change.

If you'd like to see the screenshots to see where and how to add the CSS code, please check me previous post:

How / Where to Add Custom CSS to Blogspot on

Once the codes been saved, go back to your blog and refresh the page to take a look, has the label status message disappeared ?

Your experience

How do you like the Status Message for the label page? What's your experience with it? Share your experience and insights in the comments box below.

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