Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to Drive Traffic to Blog (1)- Build/ Enable Mobile Site

Build or enable the mobile site for your blog is one of the most effective way to drive traffic, from the fastest growing mobile devices users.

Why care about mobile users? 

If you are wondering why should we care about mobile users, here's the stats from comScore:

In September 2012, there were 234M Internet users in the U.S, including 220M desktop users, and      127M mobile users- some people use desktop and mobile both. Just the mobile user alone, it's about 54% Internet population ! And among them, there were about 6% people only use mobile devices !

Use my site as an example, it's surprisingly almost the same as the comScore report- 5.82% of my traffic were coming from mobile devices. The Google Analytics report for my site (till today) is showing below:
Note: Blue- desktop users; Green- Mobile users

(screenshot) Google Analytics report for Blogger Journey- Mobile users
(screenshot) Google Analytics report for Blogger Journey- Mobile and Desktop users
What does it mean to me

It means, without doing any extra promotion, you can get 6% more traffic to your blog or website, by simple just enabling the mobile site.

Most of the blog platforms today provide mobile sites, including Blogger.

If you are using blog on Blogger, it only takes you a few click to enable the mobile site. If you'd like to know the details, check out my previous post "How to Enable Blogger Mobile Template For Smart Phone Users to Access"


Turn on mobile site for your blog site is as easy as a few clicks. The benefit for it is, you satisfy the visitors, and get more traffic !

What's your experience with the mobile site? Share your insight below.

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