Saturday, February 9, 2013

What's the Best Free Website to Host Javascript and CSS Files for Blog?

If you have a blog and it's a free blogging service such as Blogger (blogspot), you probably can't upload JavaScript and CSS files directly onto your blog. Is there a good website or service that you can upload and host these files for free?

Yes, you can use some of the file hosting services- as long as they allow you to share the documents and provide web page links for people to access. One of the best service is the new Google Drive.

Google Drive is a new service provided by Google, it provides 5G free space, for you to save and share any type of documents, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, multimedias (Music, video, flash) and the best, JavaScript & CSS files !

How to get Google Drive ?

As long as you have a Google Account or a Gmail account, you automatically get 5G free Google Drive space.

Google drive website:

How to share and get the URL webpage address for my JavaScript file?

1. Login to Google drive at by using your Google or Gmail account.

2.Create a new folder, call it "Javascripts". Screenshot below.

3.Share the "Javascripts" folder, by putting  a check mark in front of the folder name, then click on the Share Button on the top, as showing in following  screenshot.

4.  The Sharing Setting page pops up, at top it gives you a webpage address (URL) for the folder, and you can click on "change..." to share it, as in following screenshot.

5. Set it to "Public on the web", and then click on Save

6. Click on Save again to go back to the Google Drive control panel. 
7. Click on the folder name "Javascripts" to go into the folder
8. click on Upload button (beside the Create button) at the top-left corner to upload your javascript file.

9. Repeat step 3 to 6 to share the JavaScript file, and get the webpage address (URL) for the file.

You done. Now you can call the JavaScript file from any blog posts.


Google Drive provides a way for you to easily host Javascript files for free !

By combining Blogger and Google drive together, you now get 5G space to save any type of files, including multimedia files, documents and application scripts- All free services, with great performance !

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