Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Latest report: Top 15 Most Popular Smartphone / Mobile Apps in June 2014

What's the most popular smartphone apps on the market? What do people do online by using cell phone? What mobile apps are other people using ? Did I miss anything out there for my smartphone?

As smartphone users increase every year, the mobile phone apps have become more and more popular among internet users. The latest comScore reports give us some insights regarding the smartphone apps.

The August report shows Facebook is the most popular smartphone app, reaching 73.6 percent of the app audience, YouTube No.2 with 52.1 percent reach, and Google Play No.3 with 52.1 percent reach.

Here's the chart for the Top 15 Samrtphone / Mobile Apps:

Top 15 Smartphone Apps
June 2014
Total U.S. Smartphone Mobile Media Users, Age 18+ (iOS and Android Platforms)
Source: comScore Mobile Metrix
  Top 15 Apps % Reach
      Smartphone App Audience 100.0%
1     Facebook (Mobile App) 73.6%
2     YouTube (Mobile App) 52.1%
3     Google Play (Mobile App) 52.1%
4     Google Search (Mobile App) 47.9%
5     Pandora Radio (Mobile App) 45.6%
6     Google Maps (Mobile App) 45.1%
7     Gmail (Mobile App) 41.5%
8     Instagram (Mobile App) 30.4%
9     Yahoo Stocks (Mobile App) 30.3%
10     Facebook Messenger (Mobile App) 26.9%
11     Apple Maps (Mobile App) 26.2%
12     Yahoo Weather Widget (Mobile App) 26.0%
13     iTunes Radio/iCloud (Mobile App) 22.5%
14     Twitter (Mobile App) 21.7%
15     Google+ (Mobile App) 20.3%

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