Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Publish Post Into Different Pages in Blogger (Blogspot)

Some bloggers asking, in Blogger how can I publish post into different pages other than the default front page? Here I'd like to share the way I'm using, hope you find it helpful.

By default, each time after you publishing a post, it goes to the default home page and display at the top above other posts.

To publish post into different pages, you can combine 3 features that Blogger provides: the tab, the label, and the forwarding page.

The idea is, first create a Label ( category ) by adding the Label name to at least one post, so that you can access that label directly at any time; then set up a Forwarding Page (one type of page that Blogger provides) to point to that Label's web address (URL), so that when people clicking on that page name, it will display all the posts in that Label (category).

Here's how

1. Page name:

First let's ask a question: what page do you want to publish posts to? we need a page name. For example, if you'd like to publish videos to a specific page, we can set up a page called "video".

2. Label name:

Make sure you already have a Label called"Video", if you don't have, create a new video post and add "video" label to it. If you don't know how to add labels to a post, check my following post:

How To Publish Posts to Categories and Access in Blogger (Blogspot)

3. Find out that label's web address (URL).

We need that "video" label's web address (URL). You can find out the URL by click on the label name at the bottom of the post, or at the label widget in your side bar (if you have one), the label web address (URL) will be showing in the address bar in your browser. Copy that URL for future using.

For example, at the bottom of this post, I have a label name "page", after click on that, it comes to the "page" page. At the top of my browser,  the address bar shows the URL: This is the URL we need in the future.

4. Set up pages as tabs:

This is a new feature Blogger provides in the new Blogger interface.  It's a one-time setup, once it's done you don't need to do anything in the future.

You can set up page names as tabs and display the tabs either at the top of blog page, or at the side of the page in the widget area, so that your website visitors can access directly.

If you don't know how to set up pages as tabs, please check my following post:

How to Add Tab Menu at the Top of the Page in Blogger (Blogspot)

Once done, all the page names will be showing as tabs at the top of your blog. If you click on the tab name, it will take you to the corresponding  page.

5. Create a new Forwarding Page:

Now create a new forwarding page called "video", and point it to that video label URL we just copied.

There're two different types of pages in Blogger- regular static page and Forwarding Page. We need to create a Forwarding Page-  page name"Video", forwarding web address URL is the URL we just copied.

If you don't know how to create a Forwarding Page, please check my following post for details:

Two Types of Static Page You Can Create and Use in Blogger (

6. Once you finish step 5, you will get a new tab at the top of the page called "video", and the "Video" tab is associated with your "video" label. That means, visit the Video tab is the same as visit Video label.

7. From now on, whenever you creating a post, remember to add label "video" to the post if you want to publish it to Video page (tab). Once published, the post will be showing in the Video page (tab). You can verify this by clicking on the Video tab at the top of of your blog. You Done.


By finishing the above 7 steps, you can publish posts into a specific page. Please note the post will be showing at the default home page as well.

It's Your Turn

What's your experience of publishing post to different pages? How do you set up pages and categories? Share your experience and insights in the comments box below.


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    1. There is no necessity to change your Blog URL to post on pages via label. Process is simple, Go to Blogger dashboard > Pages > New Page > Web address
      Paste you label url in second column and give a title to the page and save. that's it.

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  20. This has been a great tutorial. Excellent with good illustrations. I was able to follow this very easy.
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